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Player NAME: Drea
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Character NAME:
Hero Name: Bumblebee
Real Name: Karen Evangeline Beecher

Canon & MEDIUM:
Teen Titans: TV show + spinoff comics Teen Titans Go!
Canon PULL-POINT: Immediately following Calling All Titans
Character AGE: ~17-18

Character ABILITIES:
Bumblebee, as her name suggests, has bee-like wings that enable her to fly and can shrink down to the size of the bumblebee while remaining her human-sized strength. She also uses her B-shaped "Stingers" to focus a slight electrical energy current latent in her body and 'sting' her enemies. It is possible for her to 'sting' without using her "Stingers," but it requires far more focus and energy. Too much of stinging, with or without the use of the Stingers, will leave her considerably weakened and in extreme cases unconscious. Additionally, she appears to have developed a slight resistance to mind control-- however, this has only been exhibited against the control of the villain Brother Blood, and it is yet to be determined if this applies to others with similar abilities.

On less of a "superpowered" note, she is incredibly intelligent, having done exceptionally well in public schooling up to age thirteen and in the villain training (mainly involving fighting and technology skills but also basics like Chemistry) from thirteen until around fifteen to sixteen. It has also been shown in the episode Wavelength that she is savvy enough in the fields of architecture/engineering and cybernetics to help Brother Blood construct a device designed after Cyborg's sonic cannon. 

Character HISTORY: Teen Titans Wiki

Headcanon Notes
In order to better develop her character, the following headcanon/fanon/comic canon elements have been altered and/or included in Bumblebee's history:

All abilities stated above are natural unless otherwise stated, and likely caused by Bumblebee's mother's exposure to radiation/various chemicals during her pregnancy.

Karen and her mother Marigold were very close until her mother died when she was thirteen. Marigold was a researcher at STAR labs and was killed in an explosion caused by Brother Blood after she and her research team refused to share information with him about their latest project. Said explosion took place while Karen was visiting her mother at work and led to the rest of the town discovering her wings and shunning her and her father Samuel. Samuel, a critically acclaimed physician, was already estranged with his "freak" of a daughter despite her inheriting his intelligence, and blamed Marigold's death on Karen.

Less than a month after her mother's death, Brother Blood arrived on the Beecher's doorstep in the guise of a Sebastian Blood, "an old friend to the family." He used his mind control to make both Beechers believe this to be the truth, when in reality he planned to take Karen away to the H.I.V.E Academy, interested in developing the abilities he'd discovered she possessed. Deceived into believing it was for the best and in memory of Marigold, Samuel agreed to give away his daughter and Karen agreed to go with Blood.

Controlled by Blood, Karen "willingly" became Bumblebee, a villainess-in-training at the H.I.V.E Academy. At some point before the events of Deception, she encountered Aqualad, and for some reason this meeting triggered nightmares in the young villainess, which in turn led to her remembering the truth behind her mother's death/Blood's identity. This gave her enough anger to begin to resist Blood's control and work as a spy against him.

After she betrayed the H.I.V.E, she and Aqualad spent some time before the formation of Titans East attempting to track down Blood, with her better learning the ropes on how to be a Titan in the process. Shortly after the Titans East became a team and Blood was defeated, Bumblebee learned that her father had died. It was quite a blow to her, but it also helped catalyze better relations with her teammates.

Bumblebee is the fearless leader of Titans East. Something of a cross between an uptight older sister and a mother-hen, she is a perfectionist to her core. This attitude stems from her desire since youth to be a person her father, who shunned her for her appearance and abilities, could be proud of. It is one that has continued to this day, despite her father being dead for over a year now, but its causes have morphed since the days she was a young girl trying to make Papa happy. 

Despite the dubious consent she had in her choice to become a villainess, Bumblebee still views her time as an actual student of the H.I.V.E with shame. Her current 200+% devotion to her team and justice as a whole is, in her mind, an atonement for her actions as a villainess, which she secretly continues to beat herself up over. Like many superheroes, she has an incredible guilt complex that is only added to by her more 'evil' past, and this causes her to take on everything she can-- and many things she cannot-- in an attempt to balance out her (admittedly exaggerated) sins. She has a tendency to thus work herself into the ground, determined not only to be the best heroine ever and rid the world of criminals like Brother Blood, but also to prove to others and herself that she is worthy of being a Titan. 

This determination comes hand-in-hand with stubbornness, and if she is anything, Bumblebee is stubborn. More often than not she refuses to allow herself to show any form of weakness, be it physical or emotional. She will deny feeling any pain or having any emotional troubles until she collapses, rarely letting anyone help her-- including and at times especially her teammates.

Despite this denial, Bumblebee is in fact incredibly fond of her teammates, whom she mentally calls "her boys," although she will never admit it. She can be rather motherly to all of them, but more especially towards the younger twins, predominantly because of her own relationship with her mother. This usually manifests itself in her fierce protectiveness of them, which has developed in part because of her motherliness and in part because of her inherent loyalty to them as their leader and friend. She will do anything to keep them safe, even going so far as to put herself in harm's way. It's almost gotten her killed too many times, a fact which causes no end of argument between herself and the others.

Then again, arguments are the norm among the Titans East, due mainly to the fiery and short-fused tempers most (namely Speedy and Bumblebee) of its members possess. Bumblebee has said herself before that "there's not a man alive who can tell me what to do," and, since the rest of her teammates are men, it makes for interesting times. Highly assertive and self-assured to the point of haughtiness, Bumblebee often clashes with Speedy, ironically because of his own similar traits manifesting themselves. She has the calmest relationship with her second-in-command, Aqualad, who is far more serene and to whom she feels much indebted to because he was the one who helped her on the path to becoming a Titan. It is a path she is proud to be on, and one she will continuously work to better herself in until she is satisfied-- which, given who she is, will likely not be until she is dead.

Chosen WEAPON: Bumblebee would likely prefer to keep her own "Stingers" as her weapons of choice, if only because she is more used to them.
Chosen SKILLSET: While Bumblebee is undoubtedly more of a fighter than a lover and would prefer missions that cater to such a mentality, she is rather well-versed in espionage due to her time as a spy in the H.I.V.E., and is skilled enough in technology that hacking things is a possibility.

First PERSON: 
[The video cuts in to reveal a furious and haggard-looking young woman. Her face is a patchwork of cuts and bruises, and if one listens carefully one might be able to tell that she's just a little short of breath, indicating the possibility of a cracked rib or two. Neither of those things seem to be what's troubling her, though, if the words that fall from her lips in a torrent of barely-suppressed rage is any indication.] 

For you Brotherhood idiots piggybacking our signal, I want you to know that if this is some kind of sick joke, I'm not laughing. No matter whatever the hell it is you've done and whatever it is you want from me, I'm not going to tell you a thing. And unless I see or hear from my boys teammates within the next five minutes, someone's going to be in for a world of pain and it's not going to be me.

[She pauses, calms just slightly.]

If there are any Titans still able to hear this message, this is Bumblebee from Titans East. Any news in regards to the other members of my team that can be delivered safely would be greatly appreciated.

[Then, as if even this moment of relative softness is too much to reveal to a dubious set of viewers, she hardens her expression again and the feed clicks off.]

Third PERSON:  Sometimes, Bumblebee takes the time to sleep. And sometimes when she does this, she has dreams.

Often when she has them, they are nightmares.

"Karen, listen to Mama carefully. I want you to go to bee-size and get out of here, now, okay?"
"But Mama--"
"Just trust me, okay?
"...Yes, Mama."
"That's my little bumblebee. Now go. I love you."

She remembers only distantly the fact that her mother used to call her her little bumblebee. She can't remember the reason why, now. The memories are still foggy beneath Brother Blood's forced repression, and often what leaks through in the nighttime are only the bad, not the good.

She had made it out of the building just in time and then there was a BOOM and everything went flying even she went. Carried by the blast not her wings. Next thing she knows she's in the hospital and there are nurses staring at her with sad and disgusted eyes and Mama's not there--

It has been a long time since when she used to scream herself awake. Now she just wakes up in a cold sweat, the echoes of an explosion and the screams of other, dying people-- one of them probably her mother-- ringing in her ears. She thinks there might have been a time when she knew the names of each and every one of those screamers. It's lost in the past, now. She doesn't know if it hurts or helps that she doesn't remember it.

She only knows that it is for this same loss of memory that she will forever hate Brother Blood.

She doesn't like the scary man but maybe she does he's not so bad he says he's a friend of mama's. He's here to help there's a better place for her where she belongs he can help. Papa just sits there nodding numbly. It's more response than he's given to her. Then the man says that he can take her away if they want and somehow they're both saying yes even if inside she's screaming no no no nonono...

Those nights are about as far into the past as she'll let herself think; there's too much pain and regret buried there to think about, especially in the dark of night alone. They're the sort of thoughts that make up the background noise of her mind, like distant echoes of a twisted lullaby.

"Hush, my little bumblebee, Mama's here you see, you see. We'll be together always, you and me. Mama and her little bumblebee."

Still, though, she can't help but feel the vague ache in her heart when people call her by her hero name, can't help but feel a smile freeze on her face when watching mothers interact with their daughters. She can't help but cling to the nightmares like a lifesaver, because they're all she has left.

She is all that's left of her Mama's little bumblebee.


Due to the canon point which she is taken from, Bumblebee will be coming in somewhat injured: Bruises and small cuts all over her body, with the highest amount of bruising on her face and arms. She will also have at least one cracked rib, likely more. It's probable that she'll be instructed/directed to go to the Infirmary upon arrival, but given who she is and when she's come from, she'll be disregarding those instructions in lieu of finding out more about the place she's found herself in.


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