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Due to the limited amount of "canon" information in regards to Bumblebee's history AND personality, I have taken inspiration for some of her characterization from popular fanon (fandom's headcanon) and my own personal headcanon, which has some basis in comic information. Headcanon and her characterization will be discussed in another entry. Below are key fics and quotes from said fics that have helped me shape Bumblebee's character.
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End of an Era by Scribbler
"She didn't mind coming to Jump, even though it wasn't her hometown. The Titans were here, and they were friends. Possibly the first she'd ever had, before Titans East. The first proper friends, at any rate – people who'd accepted her and let her prove she was more than just a mole or double agent."


The Way She Moved
by Mooncatcher

" How she walked. How she sashayed down confidently, with undeniable grace. How her boots, sharp and pointy as hell and darker than ink, sounded resonantly on the hardened floor with a strong clack. Her arms hung loosely and casually, but there was still an aura of warning around them; unspoken strength within them. Her hands gripped her two stingers as they swung at her side, and he could see the calluses on the cocoa skin.

When she moved, two words instantly came into his mind. The first word was 'lethal'.

Missionary Impossible by Scribbler

"Like every super-team leader everywhere, her first thoughts were that something awful had happened while she'd been gone. She wasn't so self-indulgent as to think Titans East couldn't cope without her around 24/7 – not these days, anyway – but a tiny, secret part of her liked to think she was important enough that they would at least have the decency to flounder a little in her absence. She kept that part locked up tight, but it worked itself free now and again, like a small fist unclenching in her gut."
"Bumblebee wasn't a fool. She knew that everyone had nursed their doubts when Cyborg named her team leader. Once a double agent, always a double agent, right? They knew she hadn't always been a 'goodie'. They knew she'd originally joined HIVE to train in the fine art of villainy, and changed sides when she realised she couldn't bring herself to do what was needed for that. She'd never made any secret of it.

She'd worked hard to prove them wrong, pushing Titans East to be the best they could be – and then some. Hours upon hours of training, strategising, thinking and rethinking their faults, flaws and strengths and how to best combat and utilise them. Protecting Steel City had been a component, sure, but it wasn't what drove her – not completely. If she was being honest, a lot of that was down to her wanting to prove she was worth something, that she wasn't just a turncoat, and to shake off the bad smell of her past mistakes with HIVE.

She supposed her earnestness with the whole thing had made her a little standoffish, a little unapproachable, but that was a payable price. She was finally a Somebody. She was finally worth something.

Which meant that when she came home to an empty Tower when she wasn't expecting to, her senses immediately pricked in protectiveness. Titans East was
her baby, and its boys were her boys. They weren't just a team, they were her team, and if anybody tried to mess with them, they'd have her to deal with. And she wouldn't be merciful.

No, no, wrong attitude. Good guys were always merciful.

Still, if someone had hurt her boys…"

She didn't like pulling rank outside missions – mainly because it rarely did any good – but she was just pissed off enough to try it."
""Don't call me babe, flyboy, or I'll nail your tongue to the table.""


The Needs of the Many by AshCaroll (aka ShadowDiva)
""No. We've always known that some day, some mission, it might come down to this. Being in charge means making the tough choices, and I made this one when I agreed to be leader." She looked at him. "You know why I have to do this.""
""Yeah, and I'm gonna bust his head. He disobeyed a direct order."

"He saved your life."

"And endangered everyone else's."

"We didn't actually go with him; got sidetracked by goons. But even if we
had gone, we chose to; he didn't make us."

"He didn't think of the consequences, either."

"Like you when you chose to go down with the ship?"

"I'm the leader; that's my job."

"So is making sure everyone comes home. Including you."

Her mouth opened, then abruptly shut.
Touché, he thought, when for once, she didn't have a snappy comeback."

""And that's what this whole goddamn thing is about isn't it? Your fucking way. You always have to be the Queen - fucking - Bee and to hell with everyone else."

She moved her head in nonchalance. "I'm the boss. And
that's really what this whole goddamn thing is about. You just can't deal with the fact that Cyborg made me leader and not you."

"No, I can't deal with the fact that you'd abandon your team
because you have a fucking death wish you can't let go of! That's not the way it's supposed to work!""


""I had a decision to make and I made it. It was always gonna be me -" She looked him right in the eyes. "H.I.V.E. or no H.I.V.E.""

All's Fair by Scribbler

"I am sorry," Bumblebee said again. It didn't grind against her palette so much the second time. Apologising meant admitting you were wrong, and admitting she was wrong wasn't something she could often bring herself to do. Still leftover from her days of trying to prove she was more than just a HIVE turncoat, her personality was pervaded with demands for perfection far beyond what any normal person could give. Admitting she was wrong fell way below those lines and cut her to the quick. Speedy knew that. He was usually the first to tell her to cool her heels, or stop pushing herself so hard about petty things. While for her an exhaustive exercise routine as part of daily training was a requirement, he was the one who understood the importance of taking a break sometimes. At times she forgot that, and her teammates had to remind her, but it was Speedy who was willing (or should that be insane enough) to step in front of a flying kick to make her see sense."




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